Offer for sponsors

We warmly invite all companies and foundations interested in supporting our initiative to cooperate with us. Each of the concerts/festival events can be covered by a separate patronage - to be agreed individually according to the wishes of the interested party.

As part of the cooperation, the festival offers
- a larger logo with the note main patronage/patron/gold sponsor etc.
- Company name clearly visible at each event
- Dinner with the artists after one of the concerts
- Invitations with VIP seats to all festival concerts and events organised during the year.
- Possibility to organise one of the festival concerts in a space proposed by the sponsor (to be agreed)
- Barter concerts at corporate events during the year (planned individually according to the client's needs). We offer classical, jazz and early music ensembles.
- Festival gift package (region promo, artists' CDs, gadgets)
- Provision of festival space for the presentation of company products and promotional materials
- Display of rollups/ winders during the festival.

Our proposals for supporting this year's edition:
Main patron - sponsor of the resident ensemble Szymanowski Quartet
Gold sponsor - accommodation, transport of musicians, logistic costs
Strategic sponsor organisational costs
Media sponsor audio, video, podcasts
Jazz concert sponsor
Talented youth sponsor - workshops with the Szymanowski Quartet, accommodations, catering for young artists
Sponsor of Mendelssohn Choir workshops - advertising during the online concert, support for choirs of the Kłodzko area

Sponsor/patron of a specific event in the festival concert calendar



Krzysztof Karpeta
dyrektor artystyczny
Monika Kruk
Monika Kruk
dyrektor organizacyjny
Justyna Janicka
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